Renovations, Robotics, Rebirth

Among plans to revamp the century-old St. Michael-St. Clement building comes the implementation of a Maker Space, complete with Robotics education and 3D Printing. With the construction timeline set, The Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Foundation has awarded STMSTC a grant of $120,000 for the “purchase and integration of technology.” JRS Architects planned the layout, and progress is currently underway! Now with over $1.3 million received in grants, principals Dr. Jane Towery and Mr. Paul Kristoff are ensuring enrolling families stay updated on the improvements. “The changes that are taking place this summer are incredible,” says Kristoff.

As a STEM school, St. Michael-St. Clement will provide each student an iPad or Chromebook to sync with Smartboards throughout all grade level classrooms. The Knott grant directly aids this classroom tech-implementation, as well as funds the necessary components of the brand new Maker Space--formerly St. Michael the Archangel School library. Robotics and printing are incorporated into the Archdiocesan science curriculum. Tech-Ed is a “special” offered at St. Michael-St. Clement.

In addition to the robotics lab, Dr. Towery commented on the campus’ Laboure Hall improvements, “In all my years in education, I've never been in a school where we have gotten brand new furniture.” Principals hope to have the Maker Space be one of the main attractions and “maybe even challenge Mr. Kristoff to a legit building competition,” says Towery.