STMSTC Cross Country Closes Strong

Last week, St. Michael-St. Clement XC ran the course at Jemicy once more and beat their previous times! By yesterday, 11/8, STMSTC proved unyielding. Closing the season strong in their last meet for 2017, the team participated in the The Curley Classic, once again consistently improving upon their previous finishes. 

STMSTC XC Team times for Jemicy Meet:

Brendon H. placed 12th; final time 11:43
Connor C. placed 16th; final time 11:57
Tyler P.  placed 52nd; final time 13:24
Hayley L. placed 78th; final time 14:23
Levi K. placed 158th; final time 18:21
Kimoree S. placed 165th; final time 19:46
Brian S. placed 171st; final time 23:27

Coach Pugh reported on the The Curley Classic meet, "In the 7th & 8th Grade boys race, we had 2 runners in the top 10 and 3 in the top 11. In the 6th, 7th, 8th Grade girls race, we also had 2 runners in the top 10."

STMSTC XC Team times for Curley Classic:

7th & 8th Grade Boys Race (1.50 miles)
Brendon H. finished in 3rd Place; final time 9:29
Robby K. finished in 10th Place; final time 9:57
Connor C. finished in 11th; final time9:58
Tyler P. finished in a time of 10:45
Levi K. finished in a time of 13:35
Brian S. finished in a time of 16:40

6th 7th & 8th Grade Girls Race (1.25 miles)
Olivia S. finished in 5th Place; final time 10:41
Hayley L. finished in 9th Place; final time 11:01
Sanai J. finished in a time of 12:54
Kimoree S. finished in a time of 15:30

5th Grade and Below Girls Race (1.25 miles)
Aasiyah C. finished in a time of 8:57
Kaylen C. finished in a time of 9:02
Gillian M. finished in a time of 9:43
Jubelees Z. finished in a time of 11:04

5th Grade and below Boys Race (1.25 miles)
Kai W. finished in 28th Place; final time 7:47