Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

St. Michael-St. Clement School students participate in Mass and Communion. The regularly scheduled Wednesday morning Mass is held in St. Michael the Archangel Church, complete with STMSTC Choir-led hymns and student-read Liturgies. September 13, 2017 was the recognition of our two wonderful communities officially joining together for new beginnings, as we celebrated the opening Mass of the school year for a brand new school. 

Celebrant Father Vincent of St. Clement Mary Hofbauer led the procession onto the school campus. Students, parents, parishioners, honored guests, and school staff gathered on Willow Avenue, blowing bubbles in celebration -- The ribbon cutting was about to begin! Atop the school balcony stood Principal Mr. Paul Kristoff, Principal Dr. Jane Towery, School Board Co-President Kathy Klein, School Board Co-President Michael Lynch, and Father Vincent reciting a blessing:

"Let us ask God to bless us and our new school St. Michael-St. Clement!
All praise to You, heavenly Father, Lord of all creation:
You have gathered us in this school community to praise You by our words and works.
Bless this school which we have built for the education of our young people.
Bless our students and teachers, our parents, board members, employees.
Bless all who promote sound education in our community.
God, bless this school and all who dwell within it!
May the strength of its walls make the children safe,
keeping peace within and trouble without;
but through its open windows and doors, let nature come.
May our youth grow in wisdom, age, and grace before You and all Your people.
May this school always be a home of truth and wisdom, of faith, and good will toward all.
Through the prayers of St. Michael the Archangel and St. Clement Mary Hofbauer:
May this school help our community, and build Your kingdom of justice, light, and peace.
Loving Father,
Listen to our prayer, which we offer through Christ our Lord, all glory to You, one God, for ever and ever."

Next, the ribbon cutters led the countdown in unison, "10, 9, 8, 7...1!" Maroon, gold, indigo, and green ribbon were cut, signifying the open blessed building. Even in the misty morning, the beautiful ribbons glided down from their draping across the balcony onto the ground before guests. Applause erupted as the children continued their billow of bubbles.

Shortly after, refreshments were served in the gymnasium, as local dignitaries honored our opening.  Senator Kathy Klausmeier and Councilwoman Cathy Bevins presented the school with a Senate Citation and a Baltimore County Council Resolution, respectively. The Home and School Association provided a colorful display of breakfast foods, including donuts in all four school colors. "The children's smiling faces made today a success for our community," said Natasha Farzad, Advancement Director for the school, as honored guests toured the bright classrooms and key features of the renovations with Parent Ambassadors.