Vitas Shield - Infection Prevention Coating

Vytis Shield has partnered with Hospitals and Facilities since 2014 to help close the gap in Infection Prevention.  The Vytis Shield Infection Prevention System is hospital proven to reduce bio-burden on surfaces by 99.13% with long lasting efficacy, aiming to lower the risk of transmission of organisms in Facilities, and allowing Operations to continue without changing protocol or retraining of staff. 

 Vytis Shield helps to close the gap where cross contamination occurs, keeping the environment protected between cleanings and hand washing and sanitizing.  Our System includes a combination of technologies implemented throughout the Hospital or your Facility. 

Vytis Shield technicians apply a variety of  coatings to modify surfaces so that environmental bio-burden is significantly reduced.  Each coating applied uses its own unique technology  to get the results our Vytis Shield Coatings are known for. 
Our Alcohol-free All Day hand sanitizer also adds an additional defense against microbes moving throughout the facility, killing 99.99 % of germs on contact and continuing that protection for up to 12 hours.  The alcohol-free solution encourages compliance with protocol by providing a gentle sanitizer for hands. 

As technology advances, Vytis Shield continues to remain at the front of our field in Infection Prevention, providing necessary solutions to today’s risks in healthcare, and creating peace of mind for patients, staff, and visitors.