Student Council

Students in grades 3-8 have the opportunity to serve on the Student Council.  Officers are all students from the 8th grade.  Two representatives are selected from each grade 3-8 to serve as part of the council. The 2017-2018 Student Council members are:

Cecily T. and Max G.


Elizabeth W.

Vice President

Robert K.


Noah D.


Ryan C. & Connor C.

Mrs. Ritmiller's 8th Grade Homeroom Reps

RJ B. & Sanai J.

Mrs. Glassman's 8th Grade Homeroom Reps

Martyna T. & Daniel T.

Mrs. Lipson's 7th Grade Homeroom Reps

Michael H. & Gwen L.

Mrs. McClellnad's 7th Grade Homeroom Reps

Nico L. & Ijeoma O.

Mrs. Latkowsky's 6th Grade Homeroom Reps

Abby M. & Brady W.

Mr. Hall's 5th Grade Homeroom Reps

Natalie K. & Kate M.

Mrs. Godlewski's 4th Grade Homeroom Reps

Raina C. & David K.

Ms. VanDaniker's 4th Grade Homeroom Reps

Ayonna L. & Robert M.

Ms. Mordini's 3rd Grade Homeroom Reps