Faculty & Staff

It is the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. 

Our administration is hard at work putting into place a team of dedicated faculty and staff for the upcoming school year.  We look forward to serving you!


Mr. Paul Kristoff
Principal pkristoff@stmstc.org
Mrs. Christine Godlewski Assistant Principal cgodlewski@stmstc.org
Mrs. Paula Dossa Office Manager pdossa@stmstc.org
Mrs. Kimberly Thayer Administrative Assistant kthayer@stmstc.org
Mrs. Denise Polsinelli  Tuition Manager dpolsinelli@stmstc.org
Mrs. Kaitlin Brown
Advancement Director kbrown@stmstc.org
Mrs. Kelly Roberts, L.P.N. School Nurse kroberts@stmstc.org
Ms. Kate Dannals, LCPC Guidance Counselor kdannals@stmstc.org


Mrs. Mary RolfesPre-K Teachermrolfes@stmstc.org
Mrs. Marybeth KondilasPre-K Assistantmkondilas@stmstc.org
Mrs. Trisha GreensfelderPre-K Teacher
Mrs. Terri TartalPre-K Assistantttartal@stmstc.org
Mrs. Cindy GrayKindergarten Teachercgray@stmstc.org
Mrs. Mary Beth SieckKindergarten Assistantmsieck@stmstc.org
Mrs. Christian KnorrFirst Grade Teachercknorr@stmstc.org
Mrs. Kathy ZukowskiFirst Grade Assistantkzukowski@stmstc.org
Ms. Shannon VanDanikerSecond Grade Teachersvandaniker@stmstc.org
Mrs. Theresa TaulbeeSecond Grade Assistantttaulbee@stmstc.org
Ms. Hillary CoolThird Grade Teacherhcool@stmstc.org
Mrs. Jessica MurphyThird Grade Assistantjmurphy@stmstc.org
Ms. Vivianna CajigasFourth Grade Teachervcajigas@stmstc.org
Mr. Jordan PowersFourth Grade Teacherjpowers@stmstc.org
Mrs. Christine GodlewskiFifth Grade Teachercgodlewski@stmstc.org
Ms. Patricia LatkowskySixth Grade Teacherplatkowsky@stmstc.org
Mrs. Janine CouttsSixth Grade Teacherjcoutts@stmstc.org
Mrs. Julie LipsonSeventh Grade Teacherjlipson@stmstc.org 
Mrs. Sue RitmillerEighth Grade Teachersritmiller@stmstc.org
Mr. Raekwon ConawayEighth Grade Teacherrconaway@stmstc.org
Mrs. Linda House6th/7th Grade Religionlhouse@stmstc.org
Mrs. Theresa PauleyInclusion Teachertpauley@stmstc.org
Dr. Kimberly EvansInclusion Teacherkevans@stmstc.org
Mrs. Abby BondLiterary Inclusion Teacherabond@stmstc.org
Mr. Emaniel DesirMusic/Technology Teacheredesir@stmstc.org
Ms. Jennifer HahnPhysical Education & Health Teacherjhahn@stmstc.org
Ms. Betty WalkeVisual Arts Teacherbwalke@stmstc.org
Ms. Margarita QuezadaSpanish Teachermquezada@stmstc.org