Technology courses are essential to every Catholic school curriculum. In fact, technology is required to be integrated throughout each course of study from Mathematics to Religion. The use of technology in the 21st century is integral to preparing students for college and career success. Technology courses in Catholic schools cover a variety of lessons including Research and Information Fluency, Digital Citizenship, Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration. All of these units are taught and influenced by the lens of Catholic identity and the dignity of all humankind. At St. Michael – St. Clement School, students participate in technology classes from Pre-K3 to grade 8.

Thanks to a $125K grant from the Knott Foundation, students now have 1:1 access to either an iPad or a Dell Chromebook in the classroom. iPads are allocated to all students in Pre-K 3 through Grade 2, while students in Grades 3-8 receive Dell Chromebooks. Students carry the laptops with them throughout their school day.  iPads and Chromebooks are kept at school.  However, student can access content at home by using their google email account.