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It is understood and appreciated the financial commitment and sacrifice families undertake in deciding to send their children to a Catholic school. And although paying for education is first and foremost the responsibility of a family, each school, parish and the Archdiocese of Baltimore devote significant funds each year to financial aid programs that help assist families. In turn, our school communities benefit by attracting students that otherwise would not be able to attend our schools.

BOOST Scholarships

The 2019-2020 school year application through the State Department of Education is now available online.

The State of Maryland is now accepting applications for its BOOST scholarship program for the 2019-20 school year! Now in its third year, the BOOST Program awards scholarships to income-eligible K-12 students to be used for attendance at any eligible Catholic school. Additionally, a portion of BOOST funding will be directed for higher scholarships to assist students with special needs. This year, there’s $7.6 million available, so please apply!

Who’s eligible for BOOST Scholarships?

  1. Public school students, as well as current Catholic school students. 
  2. Students whose family incomes are at or below the following (include all members of household in count):
    • Family of 2: $30,451
    • Family of 3: $38,443 
    • Family of 4: $46,435
    • Family of 5: $54,427


  1. To apply for a BOOST scholarship, you must first apply for your child to attend St. Michael - St. Clement School. If your child is already enrolled at STM-STC, please be sure to re-register for next school year.
  2. Once you have applied to the school, please visit the Maryland State Department of Education BOOST Scholarship page to apply.
  3. The application deadline for the 2019-20 school year will be April 17, 2019 at midnight. There is no application start and end date for the 2020-2021 school year at this time.

Questions?  Please contact Advancement Office at 410-668-8797 or Denise Polsinelli, Tuition Manager, at 410-668-8797, x 214.

FACTS Platform

FACTS is the tuition management and grant/aid platform used by the schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. All families are asked to create an account with FACTS to manage their tuition payments. The grant and aid application is housed on the same platform for every school, parish, and the Archdiocese of Baltimore assistance. Therefore, a family need apply only once for possible support from these various sources. Read more information about FACTS. New applicants for the 2019-2020 school year should apply for FACTS no later than February 28, 2019.  To apply for FACTS, please visit

Referral Bonus

Do you know a family enrolled in public school whom you believe should give Catholic School a try? We want to meet them! Currently enrolled STM-STC families who are in good-standing are eligible to receive a tuition credit of $500, up from $250, per referred new student! The referral bonus will be credited back to your tuition plan on FACTS in January follwing the newly referred student being accepted, completing registration, and remaining enrolled at STM-STC. Our tuition credit program through referral bonuses has no limit to the number of students you may recruit & refer. To be eligible, your name must be listed as the referring family on the online application.

Welcome Grant

Open to new applicants transferring from public school and entering any grade between 1st and 7th is the new student Welcome Grant! This program is for new students who are applying to STM-STC from a public school. Accepted students who complete registration will receive an immediate discount off tuition, rather than a credit, which makes the transition to private school much easier on our new families. Currently, the Welcome Grants discount in year one is $1,000, and $500 in year two per student. For questions, contact 410-668-8797, ext 214. Valid until May 30, 2019. Quantities are limited and subject to end at the discretion of school administration.

Eligible GradesYear 1 discount per childYear 2 discount per child

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